29 - 30 November, 2016 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Day 2

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9:10 AM The Future of International Student Markets for Australia: A Deep Dive into the Cohorts and Opportunities

Professor Alex Frino , Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Strategy), University of Wollongong

As the Australian economy transitions from its traditional reliance on mining and manufacturing to a services driven economy, higher education is poised to be a key export. Significant growth in international student numbers predicted to occur over the next 5-10 years,with the Illawarra region set to capitalize significantly. Professor Alex Frino is a distinguished economist who fosters the interaction of business with academe. He was previously Chief Executive Officer of the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre Limited and has held positions with leading financial market organisations including the Sydney Futures Exchange, Credit Suisse and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the USA.
In this market overview, Professor Frino will delve
into the future of the international student market for
Australia, the potential investment and revenue for the
country, the most opportunistic overseas markets, and
how the Australian tertiary sector needs to prepare to
take advantage of the future cohorts.

Professor Alex Frino
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Strategy)
University of Wollongong
Partnerships between universities are increasingly being seen as an important way to build brand and recruitment opportunities for universities in Australia and overseas. Partnerships enable universities to explore greater options outside of purely agent driven recruitment and expose universities to new opportunities for collaboration in teaching and research. This has become a major focus of CQ University in attracting international students. 
·The rationale for establishing partnerships: reaping the benefits
·Avoiding the common pitfalls in setting up and managing partnerships for recruitment
·Fostering and progressing the relationship with international institutions 
·Improving collaboration and communication to better understand international student needs 
A structured interactive session designed to help you expand your network through one-on-one focused conversation

11:30 AM Building a Sustainable International Education Sector in the 21st Century: OPEN FORUM

Christine Chow , Principal Advisor Global Business, RMIT University

The University of Hong Kong has a 99.7% employability rate due to having the most competitive economy in the world, freedom and ease of doing business, and less bureaucratic roadblocks. Compare this to the 60% employability rate we have in Australia, mainly due to the oversupply of graduates in the market. The Government and tax payers are spending a lot of money on our higher education system, so it would be good to have the right outcomes to match the spend.
  • Identifying new key opportunities and key growth areas in 2016/17 e.g. transnational education 
  • Update on current market intelligence and market diversification 
  • Developing a long-term, market development, roadmap to enable sustainable growth of the sector into the future
  • Employability of students
Christine Chow
Principal Advisor Global Business
RMIT University

12:10 PM Building A Student Centric Recruitment Process and Improving Global Mobility in Asia

Jan Clohessy , Director Student Recruitment and Marketing, RMIT University Vietnam

With a heavy focus on digital strategies, RMIT in Vietnam has increased their outreach to international markets – which has seen a significant growth in international students. This can particularly be seen in European markets, with 44% of students from France, and other portions from the likes of Germany and Denmark. RMIT Vietnam is also rapidly extending channels to different markets such as Sri Lanka, and growing their presence in other Asian markets. Join Jan and Tram as they discuss: 
  • Analysis of message segmentation to European vs. Western markets 
  • Educating students early on, and changing their perceptions 
  • Understanding the price sensitivities and consumer behaviours of different segments 
  • Building brand image of a country 
  • Course specific market targeting
 Jan Clohessy
Jan Clohessy
Director Student Recruitment and Marketing
RMIT University Vietnam

1:50 PM SSVF and Effective Education Agent Governance

Jim Zubic , Senior Manager Governance and Engagement, Monash University

n SSVF: what it will mean from an education agent governance perspective
n Managing relationships with education agents
n Agent governance: effective education agent management to get the best ROI
n The Monash University Agent Audit Framework and Education Agent Review Process

Jim Zubic
Senior Manager Governance and Engagement
Monash University

3:40 PM Creating Cultural Diversity by Moving Away From Traditional Marketing Strategy

Martin Lock , Manager - International Sales & Recruitment, TAFE Queensland International

Having undergone a major transformation in consolidating thirteen institutions to create TAFE Queensland International, the tertiary provider has had
to realign its brand and image and be reintroduced to the market. With one of the biggest domestic cohorts in Queensland, registering 170,000 students per annum,
the institution has succeeded in creatively working with new markets, opening up global divisions.
n Analysing change in certain markets to break away from the "traditional" markets
n Building internship capabilities into an offering
n Working with external stakeholders and industry partners to structure courses
n Evaluating cultural diversity to establish yourself where others aren't
n Listening to your student audience

Martin Lock
Manager - International Sales & Recruitment
TAFE Queensland International

4:20 PM Champagne Roundtable Discussion:

Martin Lock , Manager - International Sales & Recruitment, TAFE Queensland International

How can we best leverage partnerships to attract and retain international students?
 Martin Lock
Martin Lock
Manager - International Sales & Recruitment
TAFE Queensland International